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Stuart Earl honoured at Civic Service
Freeman of Bexhill
THE annual Civic Service is a long-held local tradition, putting a distinctive stamp on each successive mayoralty.
Few have been as emotive as Cllr Cathy Harmer’s civic service on Sunday, October 13th.
The town’s Charter Trustees, those Rother District councillors who represent Bexhill wards and who yearly select a Town Mayor from amid their number, were honouring the memory of Stuart Earl.
The Charter Trustees recently took the decision to make Stuart, a former Town Mayor, a posthumous honorary freeman of the town.
Colleagues from the League of Friends, from Bexhill Caring Community, from Little Common Business Association and a host of other organisations to which Stuart had devoted his time and prodigious energy in his busy life were present at the sung eucharist together with the Charter Trustees and former mayors.
The Rector, the Rev. David Reynish, produced a Davey safety lamp from beneath the pulpit as he began his sermon with a reference to the fact that the Town Mayor’s father had been a Yorkshire coal miner.
The moment that brought a tear to many an eye came when, after a tribute to his unique contribution to town life, Cllr Harmer presented a framed certificate acknowledging Stuart Earl’s posthumous honorary freedom of the town to his widow, Cllr Deirdre Earl-Williams.
Thanking her fellow Charter Trustees, Cllr Earl-Williams said Stuart would have been so proud to have been honoured in this way.
New Bladder Scanner for outpatient clinics
League supplies much-needed kit

THE League of Friends has funded the much-needed replacement of a key piece of equipment used at three busy outpatient clinics at Bexhill Hospital.
Within days of the £6,405 Bio-Con 700 bladder scanner being delivered, Outpatient Department Matron Silin Cornelius was delightedly demonstrating it to League officers on Wednesday, September 9th.
Silin also showed them the scanner’s predecessor, a tiny, hand-held, battery-operated piece of nostalgia so old that the ownership sticker bore the imprint of East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust’s predecessor authority.
The new machine is mounted on its own castor-wheeled pedestal. Though fully portably it is mains operated.
Thanking League Chairman Mark Sivyer, Treasurer Chris Ashford, Social Secretary Harriet Chapman and President and Secretary John Dowling, Matron explained that the old equipment was so long past its prime and its battery life now so limited that medical staff have been fighting a running battle to undertake each urgently-needed bladder scan before the device expired and had to be put on charge.
The new scanner is already proving its worth.
A sensor wired to the device is passed over the patient’s stomach in a swift, easily undertaken procedure. A screen gives consultant urologists a clear picture of the patient’s bladder and the device records an accurate measurement of urine retained in the bladder. The image can be printed off to provide a permanent record.
A major user of the new scanner will be the Bexhill Frailty Practitioner Service.
Matron Cornelius added: “Thank you. The old scanner is literally on its last legs!”
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THANKS to the League of Friends, patients in the Irvine Unit will now be able to contact their loved ones via I-pads.
The charity responded to the coronavirus pandemic immediately after lockdown by asking the hospital’s senior staff how it could help.
One pressing need was for part of the Irvine Unit to undergo an emergency deep-clean before it could cope with the crisis.
Because of the pressure on NHS resources, the league paid for an outside contractor to undertake the work.
Then a friend of league vice chairman Rosemary Boyd-Mercer alerted her to the fact that patients were becoming so distressed because their loved ones were no longer able
to visit them that nursing staff were loaning the patients their own mobile phones.
By online vote, the league’s trustees immediately offered to but I-pads so that, with staff help, patients could communicate with their families, not only hearing them but seeing them on-screen.
East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust Head of Nursing Jane Purkiss was at Bexhill on Wednesday, May 27th after the four Ipads were finally delivered to thank league representatives for their support.
Because of the need for social distancing, the photo call was held on the hospital lawn around a giant NHS “Thank you for your support” banner.
League treasurer Chris Ashford told staff who also included Irvine Unit Matron Teresa Dann, nurse Debbie and occupation therapist Becky, that the devices had been ordered
a month ago but the league hoped that they would be of service now and in the future.
Jane Purkiss told league representatives who also included chairman Mark Sivyer, social secretary Harriet Chapman and president and secretary John Dowling: “Thank you very much. It was a lovely idea.”

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